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My name's Tyler. I'm an International Business major studying at Dankook University in South Korea. But my biggest dream is to be a merman.
I'm pretty sassy and opinionated. It's a good time knowing me.
I like to think I'm a normal guy, so from that, you can expect this blog to be full of things that make me laugh and make me horny.
Sorry for the occasional butt. I'll do my best to keep it SFW.
I was born in Alaska and raised all over the US, including Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Virginia. I've also spent a year in Germany.
Okay, so this is annoying. Yes, I am aware that I am not actually asian. If you followed me looking for an asian dude to stalk, that's not me. My Korean friends always tease me that I do and like more "Korean" things than they do and say I am more "Korean" than them.
Hence the name.
Please stop sending me messages telling me that I'm not actually asian.
DS Friend Code: 4441-9129-1446

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Empty subway trains always trip me out #seoul #korea #subway #publictransportation

Empty subway trains always trip me out #seoul #korea #subway #publictransportation

Posted: 목 5월 2nd, 2013 at 4:20am
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Tagged: publictransportation korea seoul subway
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